Welcome to Kitchen Brigade
Kitchen Brigade is an educational and informative site for one who wishes to build upon the common bond for real food produced locally which not only tastes amazing, it helps to generate and build upon the local economy within ones community. Local and seasonal produce will change the way you eat and offer one a deeper understanding and appreciation for local and seasonal produce that includes organic or and wild. We have choices, we vote with our dollar every time we shop.

Chef Udo is a certified master chef (cmc) who is passionate about real food and dedicated to find alternative ways to live a healthier lifestyle through heart healthy nutrition, encouraging dancing, yoga and traditional methods of exercise. If you would like for Chef Udo cmc to attend a seminar, conference or work place to host cooking demo or speak publicly on nutrition, please contact us.

The free on-line educational culinary tutorials referred to as Chef Udo Teaches are hosted and executed by chef Udo cmc commencing with the bare basics of how to slice, dice and prepare. Please keep checking back for additional tutorials. The tutorial videos: are geared for beginner cooks, seasoned home cooks that are looking for additional guidance, foodies, culinary students and all entry-level chefs. This service bears no account set up and is free to anyone.

Roots of Cooking hosted by chef Udo cmc. Is a cooking show that focuses on traditional cooking techniques and skills. Chef Udo passion and journey for Good Clean and Fair food enables him to deliver an added value bonus of foodie-education. Ingredients utilized for all productions are domestically produced - local - seasonal - organic and or wild.

Our "Evaluation Center," it's an ideal source if one is looking for product-tested kitchenware. Chef Udo cmc offers an independent, reliable and honest reviews based on quality, workmanship and ease of use. Products are from Le Creuset and more. These opinions are intended for the beginner cook, seasoned home cook, culinary students and professional chefs that are looking to make a purchase.

The Culinary Trend setter section introduces some of the leading chefs from the U.S.A and Europe: Chef Udo Prambs CMC, Chef Rick Tramonto, Chef Ming Tsai, Chef Anton Edelmann, Chef Gayle Gand and Chef Pierre Schaedelin. Check out their bios, for the ultimate dining experience visit their restaurant(s) when you’re in their hometowns.

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