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Chef Udo Prambs cmc Are you looking for a chef who’s passionate about real food and dedicated to find alternative ways to live a healthier lifestyle through heart healthy nutrition, Chef Udo is a German certified master chef and a chef’s spokes-person for the American Heart Association in Silicon Valley. Chef Udo is available to attend seminar, conferences, cooking demos and or speaking publicly on nutrition. Kitchen Brigade offers free on-line educational culinary tutorials referred to as Chef Udo Teaches that are hosted and executed by chef Udo cmc. Commencing with the bare basics of how to slice, dice and prepare. Please keep checking back for additional tutorials. The tutorial videos: are geared for beginner cooks, seasoned home cooks that are looking for additional guidance, foodies, culinary students and all entry-level chefs. This service bears no account set up and is free to anyone.   

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