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Kitchen Brigade is located in Santa Cruz in California. We provide complete catering service for both on or off site. Our menus are tailored for corporate events, programs and private parties.  Our food is prepared from scratch, organic and seasonal therefore extremely fresh real wholesome ingredients  wild and we also utilize ingredients that are not a bi-product of genetic engineering and rest assure you'll never find the terms natural or antibiotic free on our menus. All our food is prepared from scratch, our produce is organic and seasonal therefore extremely fresh. We source meat and poultry from local farms that raise livestock on an organic feed and on occasions we use a reputable supplier who sources their meat from farmers who practice a non gmo feed for their livestock. As for fish we follow the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch. 
Our catering services range from a deliver and set up service right through to a full on catering service from breakfast to dinner. We cover Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and Monterey Bay County. 
Kitchen Brigade is located at the Elks Lodge, Santa Cruz between the conference room, the small tap room you'll find the large banqueting room with a double sided full bar. The banqueting room will hold over 200 guests in addition there is the dance floor with wall to wall windows reflecting out on to the patio and pool area. Kitchen Brigade will cater for all types of events ranging from trade shows, launches,
Quinceañera, seminars, conferences, weddings, private parties and general functions. 
It would our pleasure to show you around the property to discuss the full potential of opportunities at our fingertips. You'll be surprised to hear that the Elks lodge is one of two local establishments to boasts its capacity amount, full bar and dance floor. Our food is prepared in our commercial kitchen located at the property and our philosophy is simple: We say vote with your fork. For additional information please click on catering or should you prefer to discuss in detail please contact Rany

Chef Udo Prambs cmc Are you looking for a chef who’s passionate about real food and dedicated to find alternative ways to live a healthier lifestyle through heart healthy nutrition, Chef Udo is a German certified master chef and a chef’s spokes-person for the American Heart Association in Silicon Valley. Chef Udo is available to attend seminar, conferences, cooking demos and or speaking publicly on nutrition. Kitchen Brigade offers free on-line educational culinary tutorials referred to as Chef Udo Teaches that are hosted and executed by chef Udo cmc. Commencing with the bare basics of how to slice, dice and prepare. Please keep checking back for additional tutorials. The tutorial videos: are geared for beginner cooks, seasoned home cooks that are looking for additional guidance, foodies, culinary students and all entry-level chefs. This service bears no account set up and is free to anyone.       

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