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Un-Aged Rye
Whiskey Extract

4 oz

All Things Madagascar

Madagascar vanilla beans infused in UN-AGED Rye whiskey. The whiskey is created in small batches in handmade copper pots.

Flavor: Vanilla

Availability: 3 bottles

Cost: $65 4 oz

This particular extract because of its uniqueness will be required to come to full maturity in December 2024.

Daily Routine and maintance is required.

From here on, every day you'll give it a quick shake just to help disturb your vanilla beans. You'll also notice the caviar float to the top and then settle down to the bottom of the bottle and that's really what you want to see. Over time your beans should appear to have expanded, this action means that the alcohol is doing its job of extraction and your beans are absorbing the alcohol.

Taste test around December 2024:

You'll need give the bottle a good-strong shake and put 1/2 tsp in 3 tablespoons of cream then give it a good stir and taste it. If you feel your extract tastes like vanilla and you think it would be interested how its developed to bake with, feel free to give it a try.


My way is to make a small batch of pancakes, again give the bottle a good-strong shake then swiftly add a couple of teaspoons in to the eggs and whisk to bind.

Enjoy the journey of Vanillla Extraction and Good Luck!!

If you have any questions please use the contact page and thank you.

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