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Vanilla Extract

$19- $36 2- 4 oz

All Things Madagascar

Madagascar Vanilla Extract Hand Crafted Small - Batch

Flavor Vanillla

Available: Now

Size: 2 oz: $19.00

Size: 4 oz bottle $36.00

Flavor Vanilla

Date of maturity September 2023

Currently this vanilla extract is in its maturing stage. Should you wish to purchase a 2 oz or 4 oz bottle, I would be happy to do accommodate but you'll have to allow it to mature till at least September 2023.

  • The work is done for you all you'll need to do is shake the bottle every day to disturb the vanilla to allow the beans to mingle with the alcohol.

  • Your bottle of Madagascar Vanilla Extract will be required to be kept in a dark place in room temperature.

  • If it should become cloudy please move to another area so that it is not so cold. It's almost like another member of the family and you'll need to keep an eye on it.

  • Please remember to shake it.

  • You're going to look for a vanilla aroma and if the alcohol is still evident you'll need to put it back. If the vanilla is coming through and the alcohol is a background note you may want to test it, that just means the vanilla is ready or close to maturity .

Taste test around September 2023:

You'll need give the bottle a good-strong shake and put 1/2 tsp in 3 tablespoons of cream then give it a good stir and taste it. If you feel your extract tastes like vanilla and you think it would be interested how its developed to bake with, feel free to give it a try.


My way is to make a small batch of pancakes, again give the bottle a good-strong shake then swiftly add a couple of teaspoons in to the eggs and whisk to bind.

Vigorously shake the bottle and add your vanilla extract in with the eggs.
Pancake batter. Add your vanilla extract in with the eggs.

Pancake bubbling away whilst the seeds are coming to surface. Yummy!
Pancake mix on the skillet

Size: 2 oz: $19.00

Size: 4 oz bottle $36.00

Enjoy the journey of Vanillla Extraction and Good Luck!!

If you have any questions please use the contact page and thank you.

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